Our motto is in our name… “Bee Creative!”

Like many great entities, Beeline was born at the local watering hole. While standing at a bar on Sunset Boulevard, Brandon began talking with his buddy about a bobblehead giveaway at Dodger Stadium. As if by fate, he noticed Hugh Hefner sitting at a nearby table and sent him a friendly Mai Tai. He wondered, “Why doesn’t someone make a bobblehead of Hef?” Before he knew it, he was in NYC pitching the doll to Playboy Enterprises.

So, that’s where it all began. The Limited Edition bobblehead of Hugh Hefner quickly stood out from the crowd with his detailed smoking jacket and removable pipe. Other dolls soon followed, adding custom wigs, miniature props, and realistic looking jewelry.

What started out as a man with a simple idea, has grown into a collaborative team of creatives who continue to breathe some fun into the toy and consumer products industries.

Brandon Giraldez President and Founder
Dan Brodzik Lead Painter
John Rauschelbach Lead Designer
Thomas Poon Global Merchandising
Jason Carlton Packaging

Brandon has spent nearly a third of his life working in the toy industry. He has designed thousands of fun and innovative products for toy and entertainment companies such as JAKKS Pacific and NBCUniversal. He's also worked with top entertainment brands including Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Marvel, Nintendo, The Smurfs, Pokemon, Pirates of the Caribbean, and DC Comics, just to name a few! When not in the office, you can catch him running on the beach, dominating pinball, or giving a mean karaoke rendition of "My Way."

Brandon likes:
  • The Blues
  • Barbeque
  • Bourbon
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About Beeline Creative

Based in Southern California, Beeline Creative, Inc. is a toymaker with offices in Marina Del Rey, CA and Hong Kong. Beeline brings an assortment of playful products including Bobblehead Dolls, Action Figures, Plush, Barware, Drinkware and Novelties. Led by veteran toy executive and founder, Brandon Giraldez, Beeline will develop and bring to market proprietary lines and licensed product like those done for Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, X-Files, Bob's Burgers, Pulp Fiction and Señor Shaker™. Get the latest buzz by following them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!